accessible tub

Enjoy the safety of an accessible bath tub.

The Bathroom is a place to relax but can be a place of danger as we age. Bathe safely by installing the right tub for you. We can assist you in finding the right model for you and your home.

Bathtub Conversion Kits

Door Insert Kitdoor insert
* Door closes securely with inside latch to allow the user to retain use of the bathtub for bathing
* Manufactured from tough durable components
* Available in a variety of sizes to fit your bathtub
* Available for left or right hand drain
* Available in white or gray
Safety Bath Door Insert Kit converts a bathtub into a walk in bathtub

Safety Bath Custom Safety Seat/Transfer Bench
* Designed to allow users to bathe or shower in their exisitng bathtub while comfortably and safely seated
* Just sit on the seat and swing your legs through the open door to transfer into the bathtubtransfer bench
* Constructed of high density polyethylene
* Weight capacity of 350 lbs, if anchored securely to the wall and installed by a qualified tradesperson
* Many sizes, will fit virtually every standard bathtub
* Fastens to both wall and bathtub
* Folds up, latching securely to the wall when not in use
* Easy to clean, mold and mildew resistant
* Non-slip surface
* Available for left or right hand drain
Safety Bath’s Door Insert Kit
will change your bathtub from this:Your existing bathtub
To this:
Your bathtub with a Safety Bath Door Insert Kit
Custom Safety Seat/Transfer Bench
installed as an independent unit
Safety Seat/Transfer Bench eliminates the need for an unsteady bath chair
Custom Safety Seat/ Transfer Bench and
Door Kit installed together
Door Insert Kit and Custom Safety Seat Transfe Bench installed together

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