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Enjoy the safety of a customized bathroom.

The Bathroom is a place to relax but can be a place of danger as we age. Bathe safely by installing the right shower or tub for you. We can assist you in finding the right model for you and your home.

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walk in shower

Step In Shower

Step in showers provide a safer way to bathe and can be easily customized to meet your personal needs.

roll in shower
walk in shower

Roll in shower

Extra space makes bathing in a wheel chair or with a companion easier than ever. Customize to fit your daily routine.
the supreme
walk in shower

The So-Lo

The So-Lo is an innovative product in the Safety Bath series of accessible bathing products and addresses the changing needs of the baby boomer generation while answering demands in the construction industry for an accessible regular sized bathtub.

Custom Safety Seat
Transfer Bench

Designed to allow users to bathe or shower in their existing bathtub while comfortably and safely seated. Just sit on the seat and swing your legs through the open door to transfer into the bathtub
transfer bench

The So-Lo with
Heated Shower Deck

We offer the So-Lo with Heated Shower Deck which provides a warm seating area for those who wish to sit while bathing or showering.

SanSpa HY-1204

Warm air jets provide a relaxing massage in the HY-1204. The door swings outward for easy entrance.

SanSpa HY-1204
with Wall Kit

The HY-1204 with Wall Kit is a complete tub and shower system. It comes fully assembled with all fixtures included.

The Serenity and The Stretch

The Serenity is our original walk in bathtub. With a low entry step and outward swing door, the space-saving size of the Serenity uses less water than many walk in bathtubs on the market. It has set the standard for accessibility in bathing. The Stretch is the same design for larger users.
serenity and stretch

The Supreme

The Supreme is our walk in bathtub for long term care homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities and is designed for the large percentage of clients in such settings who are being bathed in lift tubs but could access a walk in bathtub if one were available. The Supreme offers dignity, privacy and a homelike appearance.
the supreme

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