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Enjoy the safety of an accessible bath tub.

The Bathroom is a place to relax but can be a place of danger as we age. Bathe safely by installing the right tub for you. We can assist you in finding the right model for you and your home.

The Serenity and The Stretch

The Serenity is our original walk in bathtub. With a low entry step and outward swing door, the space-saving size of the Serenity uses less water than many walk in bathtubs on the market. It has set the standard for accessibility in bathing.
For those who are over 6 feet and 300 pounds we recommend the Stretch Model.
The Serenity
* Measures 33 1/2”W x 29 1/2 “H X 36 1/2 “L
* Has a 10 1/4” integral molded seat and
4 1/4” removable booster seat
The Stretch
* Measures 33 1/2”W x 29 1/2” H x 40 1/2 “L
* Recommended for those who are over 6 ft tall and or over 300 lbs.
No booster seat is provided with the
Stretch model as the seat is 14 1/4” high
Both Serenity and Stretch models are
made of marine grade fibreglass, are CSA and ANSI/UL approved and come complete with:
* Pop up drain with waste overflow
* External drain kit
* Trim boards
* Grab bar on the door

Serenity Walk in Bathtub by Safety Bath Inc.
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dimensional images
Stretch walk in Bathtub by Safety Bath Inc.
Inward or outward door swing? Water volume? Warranty?
See the 12 Questions you need to ask before purchasing a walk-in bathtub
The following options are available with either the Serenity or Stretch models :
* no jet “soaker” tub
* 12 jet Warm Air Massage system with check valves, warm air blower
and touch pad control
* Moen posi temp pressure balance non-scald faucet and tub spout with diverter,
pre-plumbed into a custom panel
* Molded corner skirt
* Seat warmer
* Flexible Track Shower Curtain Rod

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