Enjoy the safety of an accessible bath tub.

The Bathroom is a place to relax but can be a place of danger as we age. Bathe safely by installing the right tub for you. We can assist you in finding the right model for you and your home.

SanSpa HY-1204
Optional: Wall Kit

HY-1204 - Warm Air Massage TubSanSpa Hy1304 & 1204
* Measures 51” W x 29.5”D x 39”Hsanspa
* Free standing & portable
* Low 4” tub floor height
* Left or right hand door & drain options
* Easy opening outswing door - 21” wide
* 17” seat height with 23” seat width
* Personal hand held shower
* Life time door gasket warrantly
* Made of ABS acrylic and comes complete
with all fixtures
* Durable and long lasting
* Fast fill faucet with dual diverter and lever handles
* Fits through doors and installs in a 5 ft space
HY-1205 Warm Air Massage TubSanSpa HY 1205
The Hy 1205 is a slightly narrower version of the
HY-1204 and permits installation in smaller areas
* Measures 51.25”W x 27.5”D x 51.25”L x 39.25”H
Optional HY 1204/1205 Tub Fillers
When the HY 1204/ 1205 is placed in a 60” space, an area approx. 9” in width is left open. Two options provide a filler for this area:
* TF4004/4005 - Long Filler Panel -used to fill the area between tub and wall when the WK 3004 is installed
TF4004 Long Wall Panel
* TF 3004/3005- Short Filler Panel-used to fill the area between tub and wall when the WK 3004/3005 is not installed
HY 1204 with short filler panel TF 3004

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