stair lift

Enjoy the independence
of a stair lift.

No part of your home is off limits with a stair lift. They are easier to install and more affordable than ever. We can provide easy accessibility to your whole house by installing a stair lift on straight, curved or even outdoor staircases.

Bruno’s Electra-Ride III Curved Rail

Bruno’s Electra-Ride III Curved Rail model offers a safe and durable design that installs on virtually all curved stairways!
Leading-edge technology assuring complete stability as you move up and down the stairway – even during power outages, and inside turns offer the flexibility of mounting the curved stairlift on either side of the staircase.
The Electra-Ride III Custom Curved Rail Stairlift can be installed in just a few weeks! With a curved stairlift, you not only retain the beauty of your home, but extend your freedom throughout it. These magnificent stairlifts are created by American craftsmen to the most exacting specifications. An attractive stair chair of this quality and style will add to the elegance and functionality of the home you love.
* 400 lb weight capacity
* An offset swivel seat makes entry and exit at the top landing safer and easier than everstair lift
* Direct drive motor/gear box – no belts for reduced maintenance
* Digital diagnostic display
* Generous seat size – adjustable width arm rests, multiple seat heights, flip-up seat and arm rests
* Seven different upholstery selections
* A Power Swivel Seat at the top landing for confident, effortless exit
* A Power Folding Footrest – automatically flips up when the seat is raised, and down when seat is lowered
* Mid Park and Charge station for staircases that have a landing between the top and bottom of the stairs
* Larger Footrest (length & width)
* Larger Seat with additional seat depth
* Rail Option (see below)


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